Los Angeles is a city of pet lovers.

A place where you’ll see everything from dogs riding shotgun in convertibles to cats being pushed in strollers.

Everyone here who has a pet knows what great superstars they can be.  But did you know that right now there are several pets at our adoption center that we consider to be extra special?

Best Friends would like to introduce you to the dogs and cats that have won the hearts of our staff and volunteers in Los Angeles, but have yet to land the coveted role they dream of most: best friend.

Please share our special needs stars with friends or better yet, foster or adopt one yourself.  These dogs and cats require a little more maintenance than the average pet, but you’ll be rewarded with unwavering love and gratitude. 



Nella is a loving lap cat with a talkative, friendly personality. She can be especially vocal when she’s not feeling well due to early stage kidney disease. However, Nella’s condition can be managed with a kidney-friendly diet and a yearly or bi-yearly bloodwork screening with a veterinarian. This tiny senior gal can purr her way right into your heart, given the chance. Won’t you come and meet Nella today? She’d love to be your one and only.


Josh is one of the sweetest cats you’ll ever meet! This handsome, fluffy senior loves to sit on your chest or nestle in the crook of your arm as you relax or watch TV. Josh is great with other cats and has very nice litter box manners. What Josh needs now is an adopter that can take care of his medical needs. Since Josh is in kidney failure, he requires subcutaneous fluids every other day and frequent veterinary visits.  He’s currently in foster, but would love to have a home to call his own. Are you the special person to grant Josh his fondest wish? If so, he will reward you with lots of kitty love and memories that will last a lifetime.



Smart, sweet, and gorgeous? That's Addi! She knows lots of commands and loves to learn. Addi has nice manners in the home and is crate trained. She's very affectionate with those she knows, but it can take a little while to earn Addi's trust. She would thrive in a calm, structured, adults only home where she can take her time to acclimate. Once she feels comfortable, Addi will shower you with love and be a most loyal best friend. Will you be the one to give this special girl a chance? 


Are you looking for a couch potato pal? Carbone fits the bill! He’s a handsome, mellow senior with some spine and hip issues that require ongoing medication. Carbone would thrive in a calm, quiet, adults only home where he could just chill and watch the world go by. If this kind of laid-back pooch appeals to you, stop by and say hi to Carbone. He’s so ready to be your best friend!


Lucy is a lovely lass of a certain age looking for a comfortable place to spend her golden years. She has some easily manageable medical conditions such as arthritis and urinary crystals. Basically supplements are what’s required to keep Lucy at her best. With the proper care, Lucy is quite fun and playful plus she’s always affectionate. If you have a soft spot for seniors, Lucy is your gal. Come meet her today!

For more information about adoption or a particular pet, please contact us at adoptla@bestfriends.org