4 years 6 months
General Age:
11 pounds

Adoption Info

Best Friends Animal Society Los Angeles
15321 Brand Blvd
Mission Hills , CA
(818) 643-3989


Have you met the world's friendliest cat yet? Well, let us introduce you to Lefty. He may have half a tail and one eye, but this sweet boy makes up for it with tons of personality.

More like a dog than a cat, Lefty is a lover! He will greet you at the door with a meow when you get home, and will search out the house to lie near (or on) you when there.

Lefty likes to chat and is a great listener. He's happy to hear all about your day and will hug you with both arms to show that he truly cares.

Lefty also has great manners in the home, with both his litter box and scratching post. . He'd be a great cat for a first time adopter, since he's so friendly and easy to handle.

And if you have a big family or are home a lot, Lefty would love to be your cat, since his favorite thing in life is to be around people.

Because he has Feline Leukemia, Lefty's life span is shorter than most cats. Feline Leukemia is not transmittable to humans or dogs, but he would need to be an only cat, as it is able to be transferred to other cats. They say those that burn half as a long burn twice as bright, and we can't think of an analogy that better describes this special little guy.

To know Lefty is to love him, so what are you waiting for? Come meet this majestic cat today. Better yet, take him home...Lefty is so ready to be your best friend!

samanthab 3/4/2018