Looks like:
American Staffordshire Terrier / Mixed
8 years 5 months
General Age:
White with Gray or Silver
60 pounds

Adoption Info

Best Friends Animal Society Los Angeles
15321 Brand Blvd
Mission Hills , CA
(818) 643-3989


Strawberry is as sweet as her name! She is friendly and affectionate with everyone, although her exuberance for life may make her a better fit in a home without small children or anyone unsteady on their feet. Strawberry would make a great exercise buddy. Her idea of a perfect day would be to start off with a food puzzle, followed by a hike or maybe an agility lesson or splash in the kiddie pool, time to romp around in a backyard, then a training session or nosework for her dinner, and a cuddle session to finish her day.

This smarty pants aced her C.L.A.S.S. training program so she holds attention, has leash up manners, waits at the door, comes when called, abides by loose leash walking, offers a polite greeting, waits for the food bowl, and knows 'leave it,' 'stay,' 'give' and 'take' (trades valuable objects), in addition to two tricks! She has a history of ear infections so she experiences sensitivity around her head and ears, but that doesn't prevent her from being a loving cuddlebug. Adopt Strawberry and she'll help you meet all your fitness goals!

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