Looks like:
Domestic Short Hair
General Age:
Black and White
11 pounds


Adoption Info

Best Friends Animal Society Los Angeles
15321 Brand Blvd
Mission Hills , CA
(818) 643-3989


Corriander would love to be your calm companion kitty. She's shy at first, but wants more than anything to be pet and loved. She'll patiently sit by you in whatever room you go to as you watch TV, read a book, or cook dinner. If she can't find you, she'll chirp and yowl until you let her know where you are. She prefers close seating to her favorite people, and as she gets to know you better, she'll crawl into your lap and keep you warm with her soft, low purr. Corriander prefers being at people-level - sitting on sofas and chairs, watching from cat perches and windowsills. She likes to keep a watchful eye on new people, and generally makes herself easy to find around the house. She gets along well with other cats, especially ones that are friendly and outgoing towards her first. She's cautious in making the first move, but once she meets a furry friend, she'll help them groom, wrestle and play around the house. Corriander's favorite toys are long, snake-like wand toys that she can chase and grab. She's also chases balls and mouse toys, but prefers the human interaction of a wand toy.

*** Corriander is currently enjoying time in a foster home, but would love to meet you! If you'd like to schedule a meet-and-greet appointment please email for more information. ***