Looks like:
6 years 2 months
General Age:
Gray/Silver/Salt & Pepper with White
64 pounds

Adoption Info

Best Friends Animal Society Los Angeles
15321 Brand Blvd
Mission Hills , CA
(818) 643-3989


Jessabella is one special momma - she had thirteen beautiful healthy puppies at the Best Friends Lifesaving Center in February 2019. They are all enjoying their lives with their new families and have already outgrown their momma!

But Jessabella is still waiting for her forever home!

She cannot stay in the kennel as being around other dogs stresses her out. In her foster home she's made so much progress and has proven herself to be an amazing companion! She's a total sweetheart with a fun and quirky personality.

She's never met a person she doesn't like and does well with everyone - but also keeps a respectful distance of those who don't want to be her friend. If she had her way, you'd start working from home so she'll never have to be without you - she can be anxious when left alone in a new environment but settles in once she feels safe and secure.
Mornings are peak snuggle-time for Jessabella; if you're not a morning person already you will be once you make her part of your family. Don't worry though, she'll never run out of cuddles or affection for the people around her.

She's generally a well-behaved girl with just enough of a naughty streak to keep you on your toes (i.e be careful about leaving food around even if you think it's beyond her reach). She's fully house trained and continues to work on her crate skills. Grooming is generally hassle-free is you ask her nicely and make sure there's a treat in it for her.

She does well in public, and while she's definitely not a dog-person, she is pretty easy on walks and doesn't bark at anyone.

If you think you're ready to add additional cuddles, laughter, and love to your life, Jessabella is the right dog for you.

For additional pictures look up #JessabellaNeedsAHome on Instagram!

She's currently staying in the Los Feliz area but loves car rides and doesn't mind traveling to meet you!

*** Jessabella is currently enjoying time in a foster home, but would love to meet you! If you'd like to schedule a meet-and-greet appointment please email for more information. ***

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