Snack Pack

Looks like:
Domestic Short Hair
General Age:
Brown (Mostly)
11 pounds

Adoption Info

No Kill Los Angeles
1845 Pontius Ave
Los Angeles , CA
(424) 208-8840


Snack Pack is a very curious and playful cat. She is not shy one bit and she always comes out to greet new people and get a scratch on the head. She will follow you around and even join you at the sink to play with the running water. She is an active cat, not much for sitting around unless she is alone or has worn herself out with her toys! She has the personality of a kitten and her cute antics will make you laugh. We don't know how she is with other pets, but feel she would do well with companionship and a play mate. Snack Pack does not verbalize often, usually just around meal time (lest you forget!), but when she does she has a nice quiet "meow!"