Looks like:
Domestic Long Hair
5 years 9 months
General Age:
7 pounds

Adoption Info

Best Friends Animal Society Los Angeles
15321 Brand Blvd
Mission Hills , CA
(818) 643-3989


Are you ready for a regal queen? Oasis knows what she wants out of life -- and it's warm places to snuggle, frequent meals and an acknowledgement that she's the reigning queen of your heart. She wants you to know that when she chooses to sit by you, it's due to her grace and it could be retracted at any time. She likes to look out above other cats, knowing that she's above them all. She'll deign to let you pet her and will tell you when it's one pet too many. But she's not all aloof -- one of her favorite hobbies is chasing small items across the floor and you can see the joy in her eyes when she spots her target. Her joint disease doesn't slow her down one bit, but it does give her an interesting gait when she runs. She also has a scramble when she jumps onto the foot of the bed, but makes it up there just fine. She has a stunning yellow gaze and a beautiful black coat with a russet ruff. Could Oasis be the queen-like panther you are looking for?

*** Oasis is currently enjoying time in a foster home, but would love to meet you! If you'd like to schedule a meet-and-greet appointment please email adoptLA@bestfriends.org for more information. ***