Rene is always willing to jump in and help wherever help is need & her presence is very soothing for our cats!
April 04, 2018

"Our Best Friends" is a weekly installment to honor just a few of our outstanding Best Friends LA volunteers. This is your chance to get to know some of the shining stars in the Best Friends LA volunteer program! Volunteers are either nominated by Best Friends LA staff or other volunteers in our program. If you would like to volunteer, e-mail the Best Friends LA Volunteer Department at

Renae R. - Honored March 2018

Renae, tell us.....

What programs and projects do you volunteer with at Best Friends LA?

When I'm at the center I can usually be found in the cat areas or laundry room, but I also help the volunteer department with data cleanup from home. I try to participate in the bigger events as well like Strut Your Mutt. Those are fun because you get to meet a ton of different people from all across the country who have dedicated their lives to saving animals, it's such a cool experience!

Why do you choose to volunteer with Best Friends LA?

I volunteer with BFLA because I think it is such a great organization and it makes me feel like I'm making a little bit of a difference in the world. Everyone at the center is so nice & helpful and I've learned a lot from the staff and volunteers that I've had the pleasure of working with.

How long have you been a Best Friends LA volunteer?

I've been a BFLA volunteer for about a year and a half now.

What type of fun stuff do you do when you're not volunteering?

When not volunteering I'm usually exploring LA in some way or another. I love going to concerts, attempting to bake & finding delicious treats to eat. 

Do you have a favorite story to share about an experience volunteering with Best Friends LA?

My favorite BFLA experience is meeting the new cat arrivals in the kitty garden. I know it's a scary time for them so I like to help make it as calm of an experience as possible. Whether it's by making them a comfy bed or throwing in some fun toys, I want them to know that they are loved and safe. It's also neat to see their personalities come out as they become more comfortable at the center.

Do you have any pets?

Yes! We have a full house with 2 cats and 1 dog, all of whom are sitting near/on me while I'm writing this! Chicken is a 13-year old black fluffball of a cat who is basically the cat version of me, and Carrots is an orange tabby cat who we rescued from our apartment parking lot. Chunk is a 7-year old Boston Terrier who we rescued a year after we moved to LA. We like to think he was being born the same day we drove here from Colorado :) 

What others are saying about Renae:

"Renae is a joy to be around! She is helpful, kind, and as wonderful with people as she is with the kitties! She is always willing to jump in and do dishes, and her presence is very soothing for our cats. We appreciate her so much!" -Samantha B. Cat Behavior and Enrichment Lead.

"Renae has been such a pleasure to work with. She is always positive and willing to jump in to help in whatever way she can. She has assisted the Volunteer Department with time consuming but very important data cleanup projects, she has been a captain volunteer at our Super Adoption events, and she also spends time doing laundry and caring for our cats. She does all these things with ease, skill, and a smile. Renae is truly an asset to our program and we are incredibly grateful to have her as a volunteer." - Christine Quesada, Volunteer Department Lead