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Our "Best Friend" Honored Volunteer: Michelle Bridges

Volunteer Michelle Bridges with a dog
Michelle Bridges dedicates her free time to make a difference in homeless pets lives and to help Save Them All. She is thrilled every time a pet finds their forever home.
July 16, 2015

 "Our Best Friends" is a weekly installment to honor just a few of our outstanding Best Friends LA volunteers. This is your chance to get to know some of the shining stars in the Best Friends LA volunteer program! Volunteers are either nominated by Best Friends LA staff or other volunteers in our program. If you would like to volunteer, e-mail the Best Friends LA Volunteer Department at

Michelle Bridges - honored July 11, 2015 

Michelle, tell us.....

What programs and projects do you volunteer with at Best Friends LA?
The BFLA programs/events/volunteer roles I participate in are the big main events like the most recent at the La Brea Tar Pits, or I volunteer my time at either the NKLA center or the BFLA center.

Why do you choose to volunteer with Best Friends LA?
I choose to volunteer with BFLA because I think the organization is a wonderful organization to volunteer for on many different levels. Because the rewards/satisfaction I get for myself are priceless and to know that one person can make a difference is more rewarding than words can describe. 

How long have you been a Best Friends LA volunteer?
I have been volunteering with BFLA since Feb 2015.

What type of fun stuff do you do when you're not volunteering? 
When I am not volunteering with BFLA, I work. I own my own housecleaning business as well as sell soccer uniforms for kids and adults. I also help with the Rose Bowl parade in decorating the floats.

Do you have a favorite story to share about an experience volunteering with Best Friends LA? 
My favorite story I have about volunteering with BFLA is the very first time I did a mobile at Gelson's in Hollywood, CA. I will never forget the moment/feeling I got when I got to see my first adoption. I don't really know who was more excited that day, the family who had just adopted the dog or myself. That day and ever since, seeing and experiencing each successful adoption is so satisfying to me. To know that what we are all trying to do at Best Friends is just to make a difference and to save them all one day at a time.

Do you have any pets?
Yes I do have two dogs who are 4 years old. They are Boykin Spaniel mixes, their names are Bear and Shadow. When I was looking to adopt a dog originally I was only looking for one dog at first, but when I saw Bear and Shadow all tightly curled up together, I just knew right then and there that I was going to adopt both of them. Since adopting my dogs my life has not been the same. No matter what is going on in my life my two dogs give me unconditional love each and every day.

What others are saying about Michelle:
"Michelle is absolutely stellar! Whether at an event or volunteering at the center, she is always dedicated and willing to assist in any needed area. Thank you Michelle for being so awesome, helpful and hard working!" - Erika, Volunteer Coordinator