Best Friends Lifesaving Nursery

In 2019, nearly 3,000 young kittens will come through the Best Friends Lifesaving Kitten Nursery in Mission Hills. Our dedicated team of nursery staff and volunteers provide around the clock care for orphaned kittens and nursing mom cats until they reach adoption age, usually around two months or when kittens weigh two pounds.

The Best Friends Lifesaving Kitten Nursery in Los Angeles has cared for more than 15,000 neonatal kittens and nursing mom cats since opening its doors in February 2013. Cats and kittens are a key part of our no-kill Los Angeles initiative, and their save rate has increased significantly from 36.3% in 2011 to 85.92% in 2018.

But there is still much work ahead of us. Of the 3,961 animals killed in L.A. City Shelters in 2018, 1,119 were underage kittens. It is only with your help that we will reach the 90% no-kill benchmark for cats & kittens in Los Angeles.


How Can I Make a Difference?


This year, around 10,000 kittens (two months of age or younger) will enter the Los Angeles city shelters in need of urgent rescue and care. We are looking for temporary foster homes for hundreds of baby kittens. The foster period typically lasts a short 2-3 weeks for weaned kittens and 6-8 weeks for bottle babies. The kittens are then returned back to us so we can find them a loving, permanent home. Learn more about the Best Friends foster program


Volunteers are needed 24/7 to take care of kittens in our on-site nursery. Duties range from bottle-feeding, cage cleaning, and food preparation. Similar to a real nursery, the neonatal unit has strict protocols to ensure the health of the kittens. Volunteers are needed around the clock, and we would love to have you join us! Get started by signing up as a Best Friends volunteer.


Help us provide for the thousands of kittens in our care by donating to the kitten nursery. Our kitten registry lists the most-needed supplies to keep our nursery shelves stocked with kitten milk replacement, kitten food, and other essentials. Simply purchase your item and have it shipped directly to our kitten nursery. Start shopping

Please note: As much as we wish it were possible, the Best Friends Kitten Nursery is unable to take in kittens from the public. The nursery is geared solely toward supporting Los Angeles shelter partners.



Los Angeles, this is big: We’re on the verge of becoming a no-kill city this year. But to get there, the animals need you to raise your hand and step up now! #SAVETHEKITTENS



Saving the lives of 165 additional kittens each month through the end of the year. Together, we can do this!

BY THE NUMBERS (January through August 2019)

9,698 kittens entered L.A. city shelters. That's a 22% increase compared to last year. 

An average of 1,212 kittens entered L.A. city shelters each month. That's about 40 kittens each and every day. 


With so many more kittens entering the shelter system this year, these L.A. pets need you more than ever. 


In a city of 4 million, thousands of people have already raised their hands to help. We need just a few more. Be one of them. 



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